host family!

we just got our family info 🙂

i’m living in lumbisi, a native community that’s a 15 minute bus ride from my school. (i’m PUMPED.)

my family has 3 kids: one in high school, one in elementary school, and one in preschool. YES- can’t wait to meet them.

countdown: 10 days.

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5 Responses to host family!

  1. Min says:

    hey that’s awesome! i had a host family who had three kids like that when i was in canada. One was in junior high, one in grade school and one in preschool. They were pretty cute sometimes but pretty annoying many times lol. when r u leaving?

  2. emily says:

    MIN! haha. i could see you getting pissed at the little kids. i leave the 14th…

    how’s korea?? what are you up to? i think you were taking some kind of translation test last time i talked to you… anything new?

  3. iamjennyg says:

    yoohoo!!!!!! you get to live in lumbisi AND have little chillin running around the house! congratulations!

    (haha you will notice i got a new blog a few days ago, too… wonder how long it’ll stay active….)

    • emily says:

      jenny lane:) love it.

      i like your posts so far, they’re lovely. we can talk about it in our phone convo, i’m curious to hear how dan’s memorial thing was! i saw you had a picture of it, and i think i mentioned it to you in a message (?) but the memorial table they had at the farmer’s market was reallyyyyy nice.

      i miss you!

      on another note… do you know how to follow people on wordpress? (how can i follow your blog?)

      and haha- i think it’ll be a struggle for me to keep updating this, but i’m going to try to at least once a week or so. we shall seeeee.

      love you mucho, jenny jen! we can set up a time to talk soon.

      • jenny g! says:

        ok to follow people’s blog, or at least get emails when one updates, i know how to do: when you post a comment on my blog, you will see two little boxes underneath the “Post comment” button. one will say “email me when there is a new post” or something to that affect. choose that one. haha.

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