my first ecuadorian day!

so i got here a little over a week ago, but i haven’t really had internet access. here’s some of my first day here in ecuador (which was last sunday).. i’ll post some more later. been LOVING everything so far!

my first ecuadorian day

i got safely into quito on saturday night, so sunday was my first full day here in lumbisi. it has been incredibly great so far… in a lot of ways, i feel really at home here. here’s a few highlights from my first day in the village.

–       woke up to an unreal view of the mountains! it was dark when i got into lumbisi, so i couldn’t see the scenery, but this is what i saw when i opened my curtains to look out my window…

–       went to the community soccer game! lumbisi is an extremely community oriented town, it seems like. there are different soccer teams made up of people from the town, and we went their championship tournament game. a lot of lumbisi was at the game- so fun.

–       jammed to some musica with my host bro! my host brother alex is so much fun. he loves music and is learning guitar. we listened to a lot of music on my laptop. it felt kind of surreal to be sitting in this little ecuadorian living room listening to the red hot chili peppers- haha. he especially likes classic rock, so we listened to a lot of acdc and rolling stones.

–       got a tour of lumbisi from my host sis! grace, my host sister, is really great. she showed me around the town, and showed me the family’s pigs and guinea pigs. we also have a cow and my abuelita has some chickens. my family is related to a lot of the town… my dad told me he has 40 to 50 cousins who live here in lumbisi. our neighbors live all around us, and there are always relatives hanging out in our house, it’s really fun:)

–       ate delicious food! my host mom made me this awesome banana smoothie for breakfast, with a lot of other things, including fresh papaya and pineapple. everything is super fresh, and a lot of it is straight from the garden. and! we have an avocado tree in our backyard. oh yeah.

i spent the whole day with my host siblings; it was so fun hanging out with them. i get along really well with them and my host parents already, i’m excited to get to know them and lumbisi more. also, being surrounded by spanish all the time is so much fun.


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4 Responses to my first ecuadorian day!

  1. Lynn says:

    that picture is UNbelievable. you are already so naturally immersed into your environment; i am inspired by how open/ready/willing you are to connect with the people around you there! so many congratulations & kudos. i am putting that image on my desktop background, just FYI and i’ll be imagining you there.

    PS i have never even heard of someone having an avocado tree in their backyard. A++.

  2. jenny g! says:

    EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!!
    an avocado tree in the backyard! the VIEW! that picture is amazing! your host mom making you healthy, DELICIOUS breakfast! you have an abuelita!! food from the garden! COMMUNITY! cute little brother and nice host sister! AHHHHHHHHH. congratulations. i am so excited for you.
    que chevere!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. jenny g! says:

    that picture, by the way, gave me a nice, deep breath. you know when you look at something really calm and pretty and you just feel relieved. that’s what it is, relieving to look at that photo. 🙂

  4. ambuvi says:

    oh my goodness ems… this place looks and sounds like way too much fun, sounds almost like vacation, ahaha!! I know that the pictures will never give it justice for how it truly is out there, but the pictures are in fact BEAUTIFUL! love you and miss you! can’t wait to see more pics 😀

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