lumbisi (where i live) really has a general sense of contentment. it’s very calm and people always seem to be fully present in what they’re doing at the moment. it’s so nice…

lumbisi is an indigenous village (i think about 3,000 people live here) that’s kind of nestled in the mountains and has the feel of a really close-knit community. everyone says hi to each other on the street. there’s always lots of little children running around and playing. also, there’s lots of chicken, cows, and dogs around here also.

another cool thing about lumbisi is that no one owns the land, the land belongs to the whole community. so, when something for the whole community needs to be built, like the church or a garden or a child care center, the whole community builds the thing together.

there’s a kids center and an organic garden right by my house. i’m going to start volunteering there in the next couple of weeks. there’s also been some mention of putting together english classes (for kids and adults), which i think would be awesome to get involved in.

p.s.: classes start tomorrow in the a.m.! i feel ready. also, i am going with someone to visit a church tomorrow morning, i can’t wait to get involved in one here.

hope things with you are great!

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