some photos…

hey all.

classes have started here, and i’m really enjoying them. so far, i’ve especially liked yoga, a south american cinema class, and a class that looks at inequalities in ecuador.

here’s a couple pics!

my backyard..

a couple pics of the area around my house in lumbisi:

the center park area of lumbisi:

also: this weekend, we’re going to otavalo, the biggest open air market in south america. yes, please.

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4 Responses to some photos…

  1. jennygoodwine says:

    AHHHH. emily!!!!!!!!!!!!! i get so excited looking at these! your village is AWESOME. it’s so rustic/simple/perfect for you. jajaja and your backyard is hilariously awesome. cows/mountains. it’s interesting because even though it’s a small village, it still looks huge because of the mountains; there may not be a lot of people, but it looks like there’s so much space.
    i hope the open air market is great! buy cool things!!!

    thanks for posting, i love the pictures


  2. Paul says:

    Those sound like the best classes ever!

  3. ambuvi says:

    These pics were taken on your new camera right? AH they are SOO GOOD!!!

  4. Lynn says:

    could you BE more open? 🙂 all of this is beautiful.

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