quick update….

so my neighbor has wireless now, and i can sometimes use it from my roof. which is what i’m doing right now. it’s a pretty sweet set up. & i loveee my roof, i could sit up here forever probably. there’s amazingly beautiful views of mountains on all sides. i can also see into my abuelita’s garden… she has tons of deliciousness there- lemons, avocados, roses (which me and my host sis picked today.. i now have a vase of them in my room..yesss. they’re gorgeous.) the longer i’m here, the more i feel like this town and this family are such a great fit for me.

& here’s some bullet points from my life. today i…

– had two classes: lengua y cultura and spanish grammar. i’ve been really liking my classes so far. tomorrow, i have yoga, my film class, and a spanish conversation class. none of my classes have more than 15 people and all my profs are great! i’ve especially been liking lengua y cultura (we’re talking a lot about the history of colonization and how it affects things, racism, etc, today & just a lot about social problems in general) and yoga (my teacher is super pleasant and i feel like i’m learning a lot).

– skyped with my fam! it was so much fun to talk to them, i’ve missed them. (hey guys! love ya! i don’t know if you read this or not… haha)

– went to visit fevi, the organization where i’ll be volunteering. i start tomorrow at the after school program, i’m excitedddd. i especially can’t wait to meet all the kids. there was so much energy at the after school program today.. it will be great!

– chilled with my host sibs for awhile. we made supper and watched some of nine. and me and my toddler brother had a massive tickle fight.

& nowww, my and my host sis are going to paint our toenails. and listen to beyonce. she loves the single ladies song. haha.

peace, all! te quiero.

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6 Responses to quick update….

  1. jenny goodwine says:

    aww you have an abueltiaaaaa…. and roses in your room…. and can sit on your roof… and had a tickle fight with your brother… and you have a class about colonialism and racism… and yoga… and a film class! and it’s all in spanish…. (right?).

    sounds ideal. i’m so glad you keep us updated! i do miss you and our conversations a lot! thank you for posting πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    ahhhhhhh. ❀

  2. Carolyn/Carolina says:

    I’m sure you could just go hang out with Zack in their house, tell him I sent you πŸ™‚ haha

    I bet you’re working at the after school program that I was at! Say hi to Daniela if she’s still there, but she might not remember me. Is it up from your house at… oh gosh…. something with an O, ongratorio, ortografia, that’s not it… argh. Well, you will have a blast! Buena suerte!

    • emily says:

      yeah, i love zack’s fam! especially maria and matteo:) my and zack are primos & we live like 3 feet apart. haha. & yeah, it’s the after school program i’m doing stuff at, is that what you did when you were here? i haven’t met anyone named daniela, i don’t think, but i will for sure say hi if i do!!

  3. Bruce Elliott-Litchfield says:

    Yes, we read this and it was fun skyping with you. πŸ™‚ I am so happy that you are well and enjoying your time there. Keep taking photos and posting messages – we like them all. (Btw, I learned that a student in the creativity class was just there a few weeks ago – his wife is from Ecuador.) Love, Dad

  4. Paul says:

    So wonderful to hear of the great fit! How did you like Otavalo?

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