hola a todos!

this is just a quick post, but i just got done volunteering at a after school program (we do english teaching and homework help and chillling out), and i seriously love it so much already! this has been my second day doing it, and the kids have so much awesome energy! love ’em.

today there was about 15 kids, ages 7 to 12 (around that anyway). there is such a good, different mixture of personalities and strengths. i’m really excited about getting to know all the kids more.

we’re (the other volunteers and me) are trying to figure out lesson plans and ways to improve the program… and i’m getting so excited thinking about it! i think there are tons of really creative, fun things we could do- it will be so much fun. any input?

peace out.

(off to quito for chocolate fondue. chevere. super chevere. chao.)

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2 Responses to volunteering!

  1. luke says:

    Teaching tips – always try to “show” – actions, visual, ect rather than “tell” – only verbally explaining a concept. Although this is not always possible, do it as much as you can.

    Get kids participating as much as possible, groups can be hard for kids sometimes because they won’t work well together, but it’s good to try. The more they are talking with each other in English during class, the better. Also, try to draw out information from them, don’t always assume you are the only one who can answer another student’s question (let one of the kids answer his friend’s question) – give them a chacne to show you what they know. That will help you shape your lesson.

  2. ambuvi says:

    Emmy! Snap i can only imagine how awesome your Spanish is getting… so so cool!!!

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