i was thinking about it the other day, and i realized how genuinely and completely i’ve felt god’s provision for me while i’ve been here. chevere, chevere.

people at the church i’ve been going to have been so welcoming and kind. they’ve really made me feel at home..

the death of a friend from home was really difficult, but i’ve felt comfort from so many people, like a friend from illinois who is here in ecuador with me, friends and family from back home, my host sister.

and so many other little things.

before i left, someone from church told me to pray psalm 91, which i’ve been doing since i’ve been here. i’ve really felt god’s protection and provision, like it says in that psalm. thankssss

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One Response to gracias!

  1. mahmee says:

    Thanks for the updates. (BTW, I’m a faithful reader of your blog!) Giving thanks for God’s peace and strength you are experiencing in Ecuador!!
    Blessings and love…mahmee

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