feeling content.

lately, especially the past month or so, i’ve been feeling so peaceful/grateful/content.

last week, we had some vacation time, so i went on a really great trip with some friends (chris, mary, & fernando)- i’ll write more about it later. but throughout the whole trip, i was especially fully appreciating everything (do you know what i mean?), just appreciating how beautiful everything was. god is good.

then, when we got back from the trip, it was just so nice reuniting with my host family and all our family that lives around us. when i came back to lumbisi, i saw bunch of kids that i know from the english class in the streets (like usual) and played with them. and then i got to talk to all our neighbors, and i don’t know, i just loved the community-ish feel of everything. and the day we got back, i made ceviche with my host fam and i just felt so comfortable and at home.

and i was also really feeling thankful for my family and friends at home (hey!). just feeling really glad that i have the family i do and that I have such awesome people in my life.

& yes… i’ll stop rambling…  that is all!

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One Response to feeling content.

  1. Paul says:

    “lately, especially the past month or so, i’ve been feeling so peaceful/grateful/content.”

    I can’t think of any feeling more important than that and am glad you have it! Hope it carries on in all you do–there, back here, and anywhere

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