right now

here’s a recount of my last 24 hours or so… (pretty typical of life here!)

right now, i’m sitting out by the lake at the school. it’s so sunny and warm here, and there’s lots of people relaxing around the pond. i can see mountains in the background and “i know you want me” is playing at this sushi restaurant close by (lol).

yesterday, we went to papallacta, which is about an hour from cumbayá. we went hiking in some gorgeous, completely green, mountanous areas. then we went swimming in some hot springs. lovellyyyy and relaxing.

after we got back from papallacta, i helped grace (host sis) with some english homework, swapped some songs with alex (host bro), played on my aunt/uncle’s roof with their adorable puppies (picture!), did some studying for a test, talked/tried to talk to jenny and carly with chris using our slow internet, and read some anne lammott as i was falling asleep.

today, i woke up around 6, and went running on this really pretty road that goes through the mountains. i had breakfast with my host mom (eggs, papaya juice, bananas), and we talked about my previous driving issues. i.e; all my tickets. usually my host siblings are usually gone by the time i’m eating, so it’s usually just me and my host mom that chat in the mornings… it’s really nice and calm, we get along really well.

i also really enjoy taking the bus to school. it takes about 15 minutes, and the whole way is really gorgeous, mountainous…

my second class today got cancelled, so i just had one class (my favorite one). i took a test and then relaxed by the lake afterwards.

tonight, i’m going to small group for the church i’ve been going to here.


yep! hope all is well with you.


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