el día de acción de gracias

thanksgiving here was great. a big group of people (people from illinois and other people as well) all came over to our program director (maría)’s house for dinner. it was so much fun.
we cooked food together on wednesday and on thanksgiving, at maria’s house. i really enjoyed cooking ahead of time. & the food was deliciousssss.

there was a big, really cool group of people there on thanksgiving for the meal… some people from esmeraldas came and played merengue music – & some crazy dancing went down. also, one of the people who was there did stand up comedy, which was really hilarious. all in all, it was definitely a lot different from my thanksgivings in the us, but i really enjoyed my day- it was just a really nice group of people and awesome atmosphere in general.

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One Response to el día de acción de gracias

  1. ambuvi says:

    Snap did you learn how to merengue? that would be too cool

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