random stream of consciousness blog post…

last weekend, i ran a 10K to la mitad del mundo… it was so much fun, there were tons of people there, both running in the race and cheering… the atmosphere was awesome, lots of energy, super supportive, tons of encouragement.. i loved it. plussss, the race ended at the equator! so cool.

also, it’s been nice because i’ve been feeling so comfortable with my host fam this past month or so. especially lately, ive gotten to have some really cool convos with them… about past jobs, life in general, religion…

que mas… time is flyingggg by. i sort of flip flop between being sad about leaving and excited about going home, but for the most part i am enjoying the time i have left here… and am super grateful i got the chance to come here. at the same time, i feel like i’ll be ready to come home. i think at times, i had started to take things for granted about champaign… in particular, my fam & my church…

& here’s a pic i took the other day- baby lamb outside my window.

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2 Responses to lately.

  1. ambuvi says:

    One i love the pic… so awesome
    Two, I can’t wait for you to come home! Miss you so much and it’ll be good to see you so soon!!! LOVE YOU EMS 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    Hope you continue to have a great rest of your time while there!

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